Terme Catez

Terme Catez

Topliška cesta 35, 8251 Catez ob Savi (Slowenien)
+ 386 7 49 35 000


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Behind our doors is an attractive new world

For a gentle touch after a busy day or monotonous it is sufficient to arouse pleasant feelings in you. In the health and beauty center of the Čatež we will bring you into a world of Indian massages, we combine the skillful hands of the masseur with the natural elements - essential oils, skin care and season with salt. We conjure up the wisdom of the ancient European cultures and spoil, as the ancient Romans and the Irish have made ​​in Northern Europe. We soothe your mind and body to provide you with the carefree enjoyment in the spa - in programs that add a bit of adrenaline for the better condition of your body and refresh the Cosmetics Program your skin.