Standard Terms and Conditions of Business

§1 Scope of application and amendments to these terms


These Terms and Conditions regulate it between clients and the advertising agency,, 13051 Berlin (hereinafter called “offered”) justified relationship in respect of the switching and the publication of one or more online advertising, the customer on one or more of the following portals:



The provider reserves the right to change or deactivate his contents any time. The General Standard Terms and Conditions shall form part of the contract in the version valid at the time the contract is concluded.



The customer confirms with its signature to be at least 18 years old.


 §2Advertising order and advertising supplement



Advertising order in meaning of the Standard Terms and conditions of Business is the contract about the switching one or more advertising supplements in information and communication service, in particular at the internet for the spreading.

For acceptance and publication of all advertising orders these General Terms and Conditions are exclusively applicable as well as the service provide price list currently valid at the time the contract is concluded, whose regulations form an essential element of the contract itself. Where the terms and conditions of the customer do not agree with these general terms and conditions, the terms and conditions of the customer are deemed invalid.



Advertising material in terms of these General Terms and Conditions may comprise one or more of the following elements:

An advertising form in the sense of these General Terms and Conditions can, for example, be made up of one or more of the following elements: – a picture, with or without text, a series of musical notes with or without moving pictures (e.g. banners), – a sensitive area which, when clicked, initiates a connection to further data at an online address given by the Client, for instance that of the Client (i.e. link).



Advertising Media that are not recognizable as such because of editorial layout are clearly identified as advertising.





Within the scope of foreseeable requirements, the provider guarantees best possible reproduction of the advertising items in line with the generally accepted technical standards. The client is aware that given the state of technology, Software errors and errors of other appurtenant materials cannot be excluded altogether. The warranty does not apply to immaterial errors. A marginally flaw in the rendering of advertising-media is especially given if caused:


by application an inappropriate soft-or hardware (e.g. inaccurate web browser) for rendering media-data or

by disturbance of the communication- net of other providers or

by failure of a computer for the reason of a system, failure or

by incomplete and/or not actualized offerings located on so-called proxies (cache) or a breakdown of the ad server lasting no longer than 12 hours (cumulated or continuous) within a 30 day period after the begin of the contractually agreed placement period. A breakdown of the ad server over a considerable period (more than 10 percent of the period booked) within a fixed runtime will release the Advertiser from the duty of payment for the period of the breakdown. Further claims are excluded.

The customer is not entitled to claim for inadequate publication arising from concealed deficiencies in the advertising documents.

The same applies to errors in repeat advertising placements, if the customer fails to inform CSG of the error prior to publication of the next online placement.



If an order not carried out for reasons beyond the control of the provider provider (e.g. programming or technical problems), in particular due to computer failure, force majeure, strikes, legal provisions, distributions due to third parties (e.g. other providers), network operators or service providers, or for any similar reasons, the order will be carried out immediately after the hindrance is removed.


§4 Legal websites


Page contents. Titles and contents may not violate German law. Particularly in the case of child pornography, racism and anti-Semitism. Furthermore pornography and erotic are not allowed. An exception to this look at §5b. (competing site).


§5 Liability


1 Conditions

This search engine is a Chargeable and editorially listing of Link `s. The operator is responsible for the linked sites.

Our web master checks whether the above conditions in the completion of the contract are fulfilled

After the annual fee is paid for the registration, the link activated.

The web master expressly explains, that he has no influence on the creation and the contents of the linked sides.

Herewith other one he expressly dissociates himself from the contents of all linked sides and does not adopt this


2 Conditions

Due to a decision of the higher court of Hamburg from 12 May 1998 regarding liability for links (312 O 85/98), liability for linking an external site to the owner’s site is possible. In order to be relieved of this liability, the owner of the site must expressly distance himself or herself from the content of all external links. Herewith we distance ourselves explicit from all contents of all linked external websites and we do not appropriate the contents of these  websites. This declaration applies to all links included.


§6 Contract


The contract begins with receipt of the registration confirmation or by receipt of the payment prompts the participant. The contract will be concluded for one year. The notice becomes in each case at 00:00 o’clock on him meet to the notice of the day after next efficiently. Any reimbursement of paid fees in part or as a wholes excluded under any circumstances



The notice of termination shall be made in writing or by email


§7 Privacy


The advertisement order will be carried out according to the currently applicable German laws of data security.


§8 final regulations



The place of performance is Berlin.

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply of the contract.